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Hennepin County Amateur Retriever Club

The Hennepin County Amateur Retriever Club was organized in 1944. Its basic principles:

(1) To stimulate and develop interest in the training and breeding of better retriever gun dogs;

(2) To provide all novice and amateur dog handlers who have the interest, with frequent informal field trials, land and water, where they may test their dogs and receive valuable training experience;

(3) To develop and raise the standards in the conduct or such trials;

(4) To promote the use of the retriever gun dog in the hunting field as a primary means of reducing the cripple losses to a minimum, thereby resulting in the conservation of game birds and finer enjoyment of the hunting sport.

HCARC for many years held five or six informal field trials each year. Stakes were Puppy, Hunters Special, Derby, Qualifying and Open.

HCARC held its first AKC licensed field trial at BRG in 1993. It added a second licensed trial in 1998.         

Today its two licensed trials are held in May and September.

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Club Officers 2023:
President: Chris Brandl 952-292-0934; e-mail:
Vice President: Linda Twiss 612-964-7543; e-mail:
Secretary: Rose Meyer 763-258-4101; e-mail
Treasurer: John Buesgens 763-202-5121; e-mail:

Contact: Chris Brandl 952-292-0934 or John Buesgens 763-202-5121

Photo courtesy of Todd Caswell

Minnesota Field Trial Association

The Minnesota Field Trial Association was organized in 1937, formally incorporated in 1939 and has functioned continuously since then as a member club of the American Kennel Club. MFTA also is a member of The National Retriever Club and The National Amateur Retriever Club.

MFTA is "an organization of sportsmen with a strong interest in hunting, conservation and especially the use and advancement of the pure-bred retriever breeds of dogs. The primary activity of the Association is to conduct AKC-member retriever field trials where the capabilities and accomplishments of the pure-bred retriever can be demonstrated."

MFTA's first trial was held in Winona, MN, in 1938. Thereafter, trials were held at various locations in Minnesota. After formation of Benton Retriever Grounds, MFTA moved its trials to BRG beginning in 1991. It holds two licensed trials, in May and September.

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Club Officers 2022:
President: Gary Metzger 612-418-3713
Vice President: Mark Belford
Secretary: Kelsey Wehr
Treasurer: Mathew Mugge

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